"To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human"
The Matrix, 1999

"I'm down to date a watch chick... like 'yo I'm backing your job'"
— Jack on Downtown Watch

"It's just soft dicks"
— Ryan on Playgirl

"I do not fuck with xans but I fuck with rappers that fuck with xans!"
— Anon

"But real talk, does anybody know the original?"
— Anthony on Ignition (Remix)

"Bitch do I look like a flip flop?"

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"The best thing about being single is that I can fap about anyone I want without feeling guilty"
— Michelle

"Sex is performance art so you gotta get creative"
— Anon

"Yo where'd you get that shirt?"
"I just be that dude."
The Obscurist

"Yeah, your page was too small."
"My ideas were too big."
— Anthony on his eagle drawing

"There's actually so many people named Cyborg."
— Ryan on the UFC

"Be wrong, Strong. Otherwise lay the fuck out."
Miles Ahead, c/o Don Cheadle

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By: The Enemy Staff

The Enemy is proud to present Dill The Giant's (bka 1/3 of the artist collective 3PEAT) hazy visual accompaniment to "E-mails", featuring Ari I.Q. and a cameo from the track's producer, Steve. Director Chris Freeland films and edits on VHS, adding a higher level of authenticity to the shots and a more immersive feel of the artists existing in this empty, malfunctioning cyberspace landscape.

Pensive, nostalgic, and eerie, "E-mails" captures Dill and Ari's all-too-human musings on time and space through their unique worldview. They are reflections on time spent struggling and stressing, hyper-focused on the immediate needs of cash and food and creative fulfillment, presented with a poetic grace known to come from the experience of trying to get it out the mud. The grimy, beautiful, lo-fi visuals  are a proper testament to both the grimy and beautiful places that recklessly chasing your dreams and fulfilling your artistic ambitions can take you. Real rap shit.

Catch Dill on Soundcloud, and peep 3PEAT's first ever interview here
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By: The Enemy Staff

Big Baby Gandhi is back to blessing the masses with another ill video; a self-described warm-up to his upcoming summer project 27, slated for release July 28th. 1515 as an audiovisual concept is pure crack, with Gandhi sporting improved video production, more gats (or maybe one gat passed around between the homies?), and the wild non-rhyming rhyme scheme. The track is available for free download as well.

By the editorial tone of this small write-up, one may surmise that we're psyched on the prospect of a Gandhi tape for the summer and you're fucking right. Between NO1 2 LOOK UP 2, America Eats Its Babies, and DEBUT, the SF-residing Queens artist has a catalogue that speaks for itself, and speaks loudest to those indelibly linked to the South Asian immigrant & Muslim experiences. Gandhi's vision for 1515 comments specifically on this link: On the concept of the video, he states to The Enemy: "1515, if you write it out, it's just a tongue-in-cheek way to say ISIS. The video is meant to poke fun at how brown ppl are portrayed as terrorists all the time, and it's just connotated with everything we do. It can be tiring. I wanted it to be something that you could joke about and not have it be taken so seriously. Like, why do we have to condemn terrorism? I'm not really linked to that, I'm as non-linked as an ordinary white person, it's kind of a joke that I even have to condemn it."

Shout out to all the beautiful brown people and thank you BBG. 

It's Gandhi, not Ghandi. Peep "Ban This Dick America" + BBG's other work on Bandcamp.
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