Words of Wisdom (Nov. 5)

Words of Wisdom: A periodic collection of the most thought-provoking, hilarious, and otherwise memorable phrases that blessed our ears throughout the week. More wise words

"Hey Arnold was a stoop kid. The chocolate on the chocolate kid was crack."
  Bart's critique of Hey Arnold.

"Did you guys ever have the kid in elementary school that smelled like hard boiled eggs?"
  Michelle on grade school

"Guitar solos are the freestyles of the guitar world"
  Anthony on freestyling

"Doodles are the freestyles of the art world"
  Michelle on freestyling

"Menthols? I ain't about to brush my teeth with a cigarette"
  Steve on menthols

"He's just so...dusted. That's why I like the dude. He's so fucking dusted."
  Daks on Shawn Powers

"Don't ever play yourself!"
  DJ Khaled tha God