The Enemy Interviews: Paisley

We End Our Interview Hiatus with local Alt-Pop Band Paisley

By: Ryan

“The limit of love is always needing an accomplice!” – The Duke, Salò

Paisley is a new, self-described “alt-pop” band in Winnipeg.  Their first EP, which in the interview they described as more of a ‘demo tape’, really surprised me in its difference with the live show I saw them in. It was quite relaxed, and more alt than pop I'd say. It was like something you’d be really into at the end of summer or fall, and seems to have a lot of influence from the Smiths and the Cure. But you can decide for yourself here.

What originally drew me to Paisley was seeing them light up a mainly acoustic basement show at St. Ignatius (pics). They unleashed an intangible charisma and energy upon their own tracks as well as covers of MGMT and the Royal Concept. It was magnetizing, and in my opinion a more equal marriage of "alt-pop".  As I found during the interview, it seems like their growing sense of closeness as band-mates and how well they’ve bonded together has really progressed their sound. It's kind of like growing a friendship from the point between acquaintance and closeness where you like hanging out but there are still awkward silences or reservations among yourselves, and then after going through some shit you just hang out all the time and provide a great energy for each other to build off of. Tight-knit groups like that always have the undercurrent of subtle, yet unwavering love, and Paisley undoubtedly puts forth this love in their music. This progression is why you need to see this band live to get the whole story, to really feel the direction they’re going in.

In their basement studio, Paisley discusses coming together as band-mates and how to deal with the inevitable clash of ideas, catalysts for creativity, and the ubiquitous Riley Black. For me, this interview felt like being in the middle of a warm but hectic conversation between friends who constantly clown on each other for good fun, as all good friends do; I hope I could share a piece of that with everyone willing to listen. Enjoy.