New Big Baby Gandhi is a Diss Track To White America


By: The Enemy Staff

Days after the powers that be flexed their talons of white supremacy against the fear of a brown planet (s/o Aamer and Nazeem), Big Baby Gandhi busts back with his second track in just as many months. Ban This Dick America seems a tempered first response from and for the young immigrants of America, the 1st and 2nd gen. people of colour for whom a Trump presidency spells at least four more years of suffocating ignorance, fear, and the white reaction to fear (often, systemic violence). Gandhi attacks the beat he also produces and leaves no doubt to the feelings he harbours for the States' current sociopolitical landscape. They are anxieties experienced globally, but not in a more visceral fashion than to a recently-naturalized brown man of Southeast Asian descent and Muslim religious heritage whose last name is bin Islam. Or to a Mohammad or a Malik. Just listen to the song, and remember that the review will never matter more than the art. Gandhi speaks from the heart, giving support to people who need it most in these trying times ahead.