Words of Wisdom #17


"Can't wait 'til I'm in a retirement home just gettin' gummed all day"
 'Pirate Blowjob' on old age

"You're either born with pockets or without pockets."
Anthony on the lack of functionality and inherent sexism in traditional women's clothing designs

"People see Instagram as this beautiful engine of creativity and inspiration where the common person can become the next big it girl or fashion designer or photographer or whatever. You can't even put pictures of nipples on that shit!"
 Ryan on Instagram censorship

"It's a moment of solidarity."
Anthony on POC nodding to each other

"I want your chinko in my manko!" (I want your penis in my vagina)
Michelle learning Japanese

 KOOL A.D. (Happy Belated Birthday)

Words of Wisdom: The shit we heard and liked over the last 7 days. If you like this shit too, there's more here.
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