Words of Wisdom (Nov. 2)

"If I knew how to skateboard I would skateboard."
Meek Mill, c/o Tax Season

"It is not desirable to cultivate respect for the law..."
Earl Sweatshirt reminding you of your duty, c/o Henry David Thoreau's Civil Disobedience

"I'm down to date a watch chick...like 'yo I'm backing your job'".
Jack on Downtown Watch

 *Exhaling weed smoke,* "My dad was like, 'I know my kids are good and aren't out smoking or doing drugs'".
Anonymous 1st Gen. Canadian

"It's just soft dicks."
Ryan on Playgirl Magazine

"Being in your comfort zone is like jerking off all day...it's fun at first and then it makes you feel like mush."
Anthony on why you should never stay in your comfort zone

Words of Wisdom: You know what it is. More wise words.
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