This song is wet as fuck. This song is wet more so like deep sea diving and less so like the blunts RZA was smoking uptown in '96. "Natural" is another smooth collaboration between Zega and Hotel Rooms, the former flowing over the latter's production to create a slow, harmonious, sensual synchronicity that makes the duo undeniable and makes you feel things in special places. To call it wavy may play too much into a superficial, trendy hypebeast sensibility that would be unfairly dismissive of Zega's lyrics. Like "Used to Be", the song is a little more than just fucking. Zega is playful, enticing, but always asserting her independence, no matter how subtle the assertion may be. Her voice is beautiful and it grips you: the cadence leaves you hanging over every word, every extended syllable, while all she wants you to do is to be there with her for the time and be natural. There's no doubt that Zega is running this ride, and don't think too much about it, just enjoy. In this way the love song elements of the track are refreshing; she doesn't want you to be her everything, or to solve all her problems, but just to chill. Finding someone who can translate feelings into an abstract arena like sound is always tough, but the world of underwater love and freedom that Hotel Rooms built is too perfect for the song.

You may be at home reading this through last season's hot, tinted Cartier knock-offs, peering up at your choice dad hat and wishing you could've spent a day or two more of your Summer Sixteen on a yacht somewhere coastal. If so, this is the track to blow one down and reminisce with, or plot for next year. 


More on Zega here & here. Look for her on Hotel Rooms' upcoming project, No Vacancy, slated for release January 2017.

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