Words of Wisdom (Feb. 12)


"I've got an ergonomic dick"
Anonymous Winnipeg youth

Ryan: "Look at that old Shapes sign! I feel like I'm on a safari."
Anthony: "Over there's a Blockbuster!"
Ryan & Anthony on Riverbend, Winnipeg

Michelle: "Why is Post Malone related?"
Ryan: "Post Malone is always related."
Michelle & Ryan on Youtube's related videos

"Why does this pizza taste like there's alcohol in it?"
Anthony on 99¢ pizza

"Fuck you and your water dance!"
Nick on Triple H's wrestling (circa 1998)

—  Anonymous global icon showing us why you can't put anyone on a pedestal

Words of Wisdom: A crazed, periodic collection of the most thought-provoking, hilarious, and otherwise memorable phrases that blessed our ears throughout the week. More wise words.