Words of Wisdom (Feb. 5)

 "I demand to be my full self in every space that I'm in."
Tracy Clayton

"I can appreciate a sincere laugh. If you've got a crazy laugh that means it's sincere."

"Do you think, if we were stripped of our skin, I'd be a sexy skeleton?"

"2 years ago when I took my first dick pic, I never thought I would be here today ."
Soraya Doolbaz, of the Dicture Gallery, talking to the New York Post (she has pieces of dick-art selling for $10 000, anything is possible!)

"I'm white but I'm not...suburban."

"Winter is the season of small spaces."
Anthony on the Winnipeg zombification

 Words of Wisdom: A periodic collection of the most thought-provoking, hilarious, and otherwise memorable phrases that blessed our ears throughout the week. More wise words.