Words of Wisdom (Jun. 10)

"Yooo Neal got a new toilet!! You KNOW I'm finna fuck that shit up!!!"
Anthony on Neal's digs

"I was kind of a shit disturber. I'm banned from my old high school."
Neal on his salad days of pranking

"Guy I know has 5 DUIs. So one day he decides to drive a lawnmower to the LC..."

"I know about that time you smoked a cigarette dipped in PCP."
Neal on Dylan's Snapchat, 17 hrs before this was written. Neal has a mind like an elephant.

"I get so excited when I eat cereal. Sometimes I eat it so fast I forget to breathe."
Kayla on Trix

Anthony: "Homeless dick is probably so big."
Michelle: "Why do you say that?"
Anthony: "'Cuz it conditions."
Ryan: "And that couple of extra inches of dirt."
Anthony, Michelle & Ryan on the homeless

Words of Wisdom: Our dumbest column yet. More wise words.