Words of Wisdom (Jul. 12)

"If you look at culture in general...and this is probably the first time this has been recognized...there is no other culture except hip-hop. Motherfuckers ain't walking around doing anything that isn't directly reflected [in] hip-hop. Look at Justin Bieber, look at Taylor Swift, look at all these people. They are reflections of what hip-hop music is."
Vince Staples on popular culture

"I have the heart of a white girl, I've been craving Starbucks SO much lately."

Ryan: "I heard lawyers party hard."
Anthony: "Yeah, 'cuz they like drinking and arguing."
Ryan & Anthony on law school students/grads

"The real party is in the economy" 
Anthony on sitting in the backseat

"Everything is just literature..."

"Stains are just like cool scars for your clothing."
Anthony on eating fearlessly

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