"Bound" is '70s Droptop Space Station Rap

New Music: Bound. A 45 from Pontiac D. Jones

By: Ryan Lindsay 

Soulhead Jones is now Pontiac D. Jones. Kept the soul. 45 for free, run it up, 1 single composed of a couple of different tracks, and a couple of different instrumentals on the B Side.

The Bound 45 feels like riding a '72 Catalina from the sunny American West Coast desert into the clouds. Drop-the-top-from-here-to-the-space-station rap. A summer's Sunday afternoon drive, just you and I going to space. Happy. The influences from Kanye and Ghostface and Stones Throw records are here but Pontiac D. makes me happy like Earl and Chance and 'em. Nx Worries. This is an extremely funky single. High funk alert. Lowkey heater alert. You gotta fuck with Pontiac alert. Beautiful summer tunes alert.

Like 7 inch records of the past (or present, for that matter) there are some instrumentals so you can freestyle on them with your closest friends. You should try it. Especially if you aren't a rapper. Nobody's a rapper nowadays, and Bowie says to get out of your creative comfort zone anyways. You don't want to disappoint Bowie, do you? Bound; do some art for yourself so Bowie would be proud. Bound. I think Bowie would be proud.