Ruby: Pontiac D. Jones.


By: The Enemy Staff

Do you remember the ouverture of the Ice Cream Skate Team video, when Pharrell talks about shittin' on niggas? The flex is subtle yet triumphant. It's an affirmation to the fact that yeah, Pharrell has created a bunch of world-influencing products, like Ice Cream. It's natural to him so he doesn't have to flaunt it. He just does it. He just cares. "That's it, it doesn't make me better than nobody else." Pontiac D. Jones can be a refreshing vision of this, a ⌘+N in a world where niggas are obsessed with shittin' on each other, or rather, talking so much about how much they shit on each other. It becomes a whole persona. Rappers upon rappers speak as stunters-in-chief on how tight their shit is and influence other artists to try and flex more brazenly on other artists, without anyone actually expanding themselves creatively. It's a catalyst for photographers to shit on other photographers or fashion designers to act in a fugazi manner towards visual artists or graphic designers, and so on and so on. And how many are constantly creating? The flex, real or not, is more important than how much you're creating in a time where the majority of people talk about how everyone in the game is fake and how much of a real one they are...fake it 'til you make it, maybe. In this Very Very Foodstamp World™, people are self-actualizing. Say it until it becomes true. "Stuntin' like we ain't broke". And flexing is fun, rap is fun, Pontiac seems more subtle, like Skateboard P. Lo-fi. . Real G's move in silence like lasagna. Ruby is that fresh-from-Firenze grade A served up pasta, seen? Pontiac just does.

This is a longer, sweeter, more wholesome tape than the 45 Pontiac put out a few months ago. It transcends just one singular feeling, and is hard to describe because of how different the songs are. It seems more experimental than the 45, but Pontiac fully retains all the slappability of Bound in tracks like SULFR8 and *DEATH STAR*. .A music journalist may see this as a 'jazzy, lo-fi collection of tracks that heavily pull from a myriad of influences, like Star Wars, Young Thug, and Madlib.' But we're not that, yadamean? Red House and ROOM FOR YOU are freeing tracks, smoother than Skateboard P's iced out baby lotion. This collection is expansive, can't be put into one emotion, but it still is cohesive and makes sense to listen to front to back. There's not much more we can tell you. Listen to Ruby. Download Ruby. Form your own opinion. Give it up to the main Starman Pontiac D. Jones from the place where the skies pop red and purple and orange. The subtle Great One.

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