Words of Wisdom (Aug. 4)

"Dude, this is skateboarding. It ain't no sport."

"Making skateboarding about nationalism is shit"
The Skate Nerd on why putting skating in the Olympics sucks

"Skateboarders aren't cool man! They were never supposed to be the cool kids, it's not 'Diamond Life'!"
Jeff Grosso, Loveletters

"The thing that attracts the weirdos about it, is that it takes so much...time, to get good at it, that you gotta be kind of a psycho to invest all that time."
Kevin "Spanky" Long on skateboarding

"It's the most comfortable and the most uncomfortable...it's everything I've ever wanted. It's absolute...beauty. It's amazing, and it's really hard." 
Jason Jessee on skateboarding

"There's different kinds of skating...and there's different kinds of fuckin' art. If someone doesn't like your stee of like skating, fuck it. i could do it and I'm having fun. And same thing with my artwork, everyone used to diss my shit. 'That shit's wack, blah blah blah'. And if I ever paid attention to that shit, I wouldn't be here, yaknawhatimean? But it's like, with that skate mentality, you're like 'I don't give a fuck, I'm fuckin' killin' it, I'm having fun'. Fuck you, I'mma do what I do."  " 
Nasty Neck Nigga on art & skating & their magical mystical connectivity


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