Zega & Hotel Rooms Make Dark Neon Sex Music

"Used To Be"

By: The Enemy Staff

"This isn't love, this isn't trust, this is just fucking."

This is a song to have regrettable yet cathartic sex with an ex over. This is sultry xanny sex music. This song is a sweaty, woeful climax to a long, wild, black-lit night at some house party in Osborne VIllage, and the result of too many beers or a few pills. Or something. Used To Be is the first track from the underground songstress Zega, and is best consumed under the influence. Zega spins a tale of shedding away innocence, like a 2016 bildungsroman for worshippers at the altars of OVO & XO. Hotel Rooms crafts the sound in a syrupy cauldron, slow-cooking an entrancing beat with a Portishead sample for good measure. Enjoy the first in music from a new Winnipeg singer-producer duo that we hope to hear more from in the coming months for those good 3 AM post-party sounds.