Words of Wisdom #19 (Duterte Special)


"Why did you get kicked out (of school)?"
"You were a goon? Too lazy to study? Or just really didn't pass?"
"All of that."

Rodrigo Duterte with talk show host Vice Ganda

"You better choose the smaller caliber, the .22, it would be easier to swallow."
 Duterte on the bullet planting scandal, warning airport employees that he would not hesitate to force them to eat the bullets

"I will wipe out illegal drugs in 3 to 6 months. I will not allow our country to become Asia's Mexico. We will not become a narco-state.

"If I succeed perhaps that would be my greatest contribution to the country, but if I fail, kill me."
 Duterte on his promises (WORD IS BOND)

"I saw her face and I thought: ‘Son of a bitch. what a pity … they raped her, they all lined up. I was mad she was raped but she was so beautiful. I thought, the mayor should have been first.'"
 Duterte as mayor of Davao 

"Donald Trump is a bigot, I am not."


"Forget the laws on human rights. If I make it to the presidential palace, I will do just what I did as mayor. You drug pushers, hold-up men and do-nothings, you better go out. Because I'd kill you. I'll dump all of you into Manila Bay, and fatten all the fish there."

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