By: The Enemy Staff

The Enemy is proud to present Dill The Giant's (bka 1/3 of the artist collective 3PEAT) hazy visual accompaniment to "E-mails", featuring Ari I.Q. and a cameo from the track's producer, Steve. Director Chris Freeland films and edits on VHS, adding a higher level of authenticity to the shots and a more immersive feel of the artists existing in this empty, malfunctioning cyberspace landscape.

Pensive, nostalgic, and eerie, "E-mails" captures Dill and Ari's all-too-human musings on time and space through their unique worldview. They are reflections on time spent struggling and stressing, hyper-focused on the immediate needs of cash and food and creative fulfillment, presented with a poetic grace known to come from the experience of trying to get it out the mud. The grimy, beautiful, lo-fi visuals  are a proper testament to both the grimy and beautiful places that recklessly chasing your dreams and fulfilling your artistic ambitions can take you. Real rap shit.

Catch Dill on Soundcloud, and peep 3PEAT's first ever interview here
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