NEW MUSIC: bbymutha - MUTHAZ DAY 2

Bbymutha as music for anyone tired of fucking with broke ass niggas and sheisty bitches that block their glo. At the first few listens, the Muthaz Day 2 EP comes through as a transitional whirlwind; music for those on the come-up by an artist coming up and blowing up the tired tropes of underground music. One feature, a freestyle over the enchanting synth melody from Grimes' Genesis, and a grip of bars held together by the syrupy, addictive flow that gives Bbymutha the cult following she has now. Her booming, confident Tennessee tongue drips power and projects the thoughts of a salacious mind that knows what it wants and captivates the listener. "Double D, heavy tits...lips thick, thighs thick, better than that Bulma bitch." Shit is grimy and hard as fuck. Listen below:

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