We originally planned to live up to our inner corniness and put this mixtape up on Valentine's Day. However, given more thought (and also as a useful excuse for further procrastination), we realized that February is a pretty bad time for Valentine's Day, even for those who believe the holiday is more than corporate ploy for post-Christmas spending. So, we decided to delay our lovemaking playlist for times more conducive to lovemaking. Commercialization, faux-romance, and banality aside, February 14th is right in the middle of the year's most depressing month, where winter is still in full effect and warmth and happiness are only ideas that exist on your Instagram timeline. The zombification is at its height. March isn't that much better, but it's still better. You're not feeling the social commitment to be romantic (or wallow over your lack of romance) in the shittiest month of the year, people are getting brighter and more hopeful as the days become longer, and one can even dare to say that Winnipeg might experience Spring around the actual Spring Equinox. Exciting times. Anyways, this is a mixtape to celebrate one of the only good parts of Valentine's Day. We hope you're still getting some a month past the holiday of love, and we hope the frigid, depressing February fucking is replaced by some optimistic, warm March fucking. 💋 (MXTPs now available on Soundcloud!)

The Fornitape

1.    Mclovin Intro (0:00)

2.    Tell It Like It Is - Aaron Neville (0:05)

2.    Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye (2:41)

3.    Untitled (How Does It Feel) - D'Angelo (6:46)

4.    Between The Sheets - Isley Brothers (11:06)

5.     Fucking You Tonight - Notorious B.I.G. ft. R. Kelly (16:37)

6.     Loving You - Minnie Riperton (22:15)

7.     Crushin' - J. Dilla (25:15)

8.     I'll Make You Famous - Da Youngsta's (29:04)

9.     Been Around Ya Girl - Big Baby Gandhi (32:47)

10.    Rich $ex - Future (35:42)

11.     Peacoat - Future (39:31)

12.    Beautiful Areolas - Meyhem Lauren (42:19)

13.    Gianna Michaels - Big Baby Gandhi (44:57)

14.    Cockblock Interlude (46:58)

14.    I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness (47:07)

15.    This Modern Love - Bloc Party (50:40)