All the otherworldly things I'm about to see.
Do the aliens eat pizza?
What am I gonna take back to Earth?

These are our first thoughts on the Space Elevator, a mixtape for you on your journey to the Planet █████ . Big thanks to Dave Shaw for compiling this guest tape, a first for the site!

1.    Midnight Shuffle - Cosmos 

2.    KC Vapes - Body-san

3.    Evening Call - Project Pablo 

4.    This Is My Truth - Toshiki Kadomatsu

5.    Double Crush - C.Kostra

6.    Stratus - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

7.    Going Deaf - Persona La Ave

8.    Fresh Fruit - Potions

9.    Rare Happiness - Hunee

10.   Shimendoka - Haruomi Hosono

To hear more of Dave Shaw be sure to check out his aliases Glass Random, Camp David, and Orlando Gloom.