We're back with our second ever guest tape, a selection of songs from Vile Maxim, new conjurer of synthetic darkness and beautiful, cinematic audioscapes. This tape, like his music, is a wonderful collection of happy, dreamy, haunting, and completely enveloping electronic instrumentals to sate your post-Stranger Things sonic lust. This mixtape goes from spirited and warm to weird real fast. It's a frenzied sort of weird, without any loss of vibrancy between the many layers of music and many artists on the tape. Vibrancy is the big electric motif holding this whole thing together. Big hitters on this joint, in our humble opinion, are Sunset to Sunrise, Want U, Pale Flesh, and Souls at Zero. Souls at Zero is such a crushing crescendo of equal parts evil, climax, and cathartic noise...just listen to the tape. Enjoy below.

1.    Sunrise to Sunset - Anoraak (0:02)

2.    Hopeless Romantic- FM Attack (4:32)

3.    One Last Time - Miami Nights (7:44)

4.    Want U - Grum (10:10)

5.     Ether Drift - Com Truise (13:47)

6.     Skeptical- The Range (18:08)

7.     Dive - Caribou (21:54)

8.     Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version) - Annie (23:57)

9.     Abyss - John Carpenter (32:47)

10.   Oubliette - Fatima Al Qadiri (34:10)

11.     Pale Flesh - Crystal Castles (37:42)

12.    The Gathering - College (40:42)

13.    The Fog - John Carpenter (45:39)

14.    Souls at Zero (ft. Astronoid) - Perturbator (48:45)


Listen to Vile Maxim's first tape, Overgrowth, here.
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